With the sheer amount of technology available today for giving your office a high-tech edge, many business owners focus on big video screens and automated display loops while overlooking other less-visible upgrades. Wireless screen sharing is one of the most powerful AV tools to arrive on the office scene in the past few years, but it’s still underutilized. Find out how a simple screen sharing tool can make your business presentations easier and more useful for the entire team.

Removing the Limits

In the past, presenting a chart of the company’s earnings required the presenter to juggle dozens of different AV cords and connect them all properly. If there’s an issue anywhere in the chain of computers, projectors, and other equipment, the presenter spends most of the meeting trying to get the equipment to work instead of actually presenting the information.

In contrast, tools like wePresent and Clickshare from Barco take all that work out of the equation by relying on wireless networks instead. With just a few clicks, any employee or executive can immediately display their screen through any projectors, live screens, or other AV display devices you’ve installed in your meeting rooms. Regardless of the equipment, these wireless screen sharing systems adapt to communicate with the various devices for a painless presentation experience.

Show Off Anything

This kind of advanced screen sharing also eliminates the need to spend hours generating the traditional slide-style presentations. Employees can show their department heads exactly what they’ve been working on by opening the actual files and programs instead of showing static screen captures inserted into a PowerPoint slide. On top of allowing users to play a clip from YouTube and then switch to a text file, this kind of technology also opens up the field for using other devices to deliver the presentation.

Instead of sticking with a laptop, grab a tablet or your smart phone and show everyone how your mobile website isn’t quite lining up correctly. Imagine how your meetings will go when anyone can immediately connect and share useful information, regardless of what device it’s on.

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