Basic List: 5 Interior Painting Tools That are Worth the Money

  • A brief but informative overview of painting tools in a list format. A good example of how I craft branded or promotional content as well, with each section slanted towards a specific product rather than a general recommendation. Approximately 500 words.

Short Blog: Will a Tile Back Splash Add Value to My Home?

  • Micro blog post for a tile and kitchen renovation company with a promotional slant. Approximately 250 words.

Short Blog: How Wireless Screen Sharing Technology Makes Presentations More Fun and Less Work

  • Short blog post exploring some of the latest platforms for wireless screen sharing for the business audience. This B2B blog post includes specific brand names but could easily be written without any specific product recommendations. Approximately 360 words.

Long Blog Post: Which Organic Farming Seeds Germinate While It’s Still Cold?

  • Extensive exploration of some of the easiest to grow seeds that germinate early in the spring or late in the fall during cold conditions. Both home gardeners and market farmers can use this information, making it valuable content for a wide range of agricultural and gardening companies. Approximately 800 words.

Blog Post: 5 Spring Prep Chores for Living Off the Grid

  • Covers all kinds of spring chores that homesteaders relying on solar and other alternative energy systems need to tackle before summer arrives. Approximately 700 words.